Along with our factoring services, we also offer credit protection on your account receivables. This allows our clients to still get paid for both their products and services, even if their customers somehow become bankrupt or insolvent. We offer credit protection to both our borrowing and non-borrowing clients.

To learn more about our credit protection services, get in touch with our team! Our services are very accessible, and we can almost immediately get to work on your request. By providing our customers with the financing and credit protection services they need to support their business’ growth, we are able to encourage and help develop the businesses in our community. It’s time to realize your company’s true potential; turn to Hedaya Capital to learn more.

Our staff has decades of experience working with new and established businesses alike. Get in touch with our professionals and see what we can do for you.

● Alfred Hedaya — President
● Jack Hedaya — Executive Vice President
● Ezra Hedaya — Executive Vice President
● Anita Lakhaney — Client Services Specialist
● Syeda Ali — Client Services Specialist
● Matan Guez — Account Executive
● Artie Weissman — Portfolio Management
● Yana Osipova — Legal

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