Hedaya Capital is pleased to announce the issuance of a $3,600,000 Letter of Credit for 12,500 Metric Tons (MT) of White Refined Cane Sugar.  The sugar is being produced and exported from Brazil. The transaction was arranged by an India based trading and logistics company and was brought to us by a financial consultant.

We are proud of our team’s ability to complete the due diligence, underwriting and issuance all within 10 days of initial contact by the prospect.  

Since 2003, Hedaya Capital Group, Inc. has been providing entrepreneurs with working capital solutions to help grow and protect their businesses. We help businesses grow with our 360° approach, all factors surrounding our client’s business matter. We treat clients with time-tested old school values and offer new school thinking.

For more information regarding this transaction and other trade finance possibilities, please contact Alfred Hedaya at alfred@hedayacapital.com.