Responsive Communicators

“Hedaya is very responsive to my clients’ needs. They are not just about making a profit, they are really about how to serve their clients better and help them succeed. Their people are very knowledgeable about the industry, the marketplace, and their products. They have a great rapport with clients and offer an uncommon ease of communicating and operating. They are always the first ones I recommend.”

Jeremy K., Accountant, New York Accounting Firm

Creative Solutions

“I’ve had a good working relationship with them for almost twenty years. They are so down-to-earth and approachable – you can talk to them about your situation, and they will be creative and develop a solution to help protect your business. They are entrepreneurial - they’ll turn a decision around quickly, and you won’t have all the red tape you have with big financial companies. They are good people.”

Josh C., Largest U.S. Independent Factoring Firm

Quick Decisions

“Hedaya is a good company to deal with–they are my first call when it comes to factoring. They are quick on decisions, creative, and work hard to keep clients. They’ll also bend over backward to make a deal work and help clients take advantage of opportunities for growth. I’ve known them for a long time; we have a very comfortable relationship. And for a financial brokerage firm, relationships are the most important thing.”

Phil D., CEO, Global Financial Training Firm

Invested in Client Success

“Hedaya is family-owned and managed. I’ve known them a long time; they’re honorable, extremely honest, and invested in their client’s success. They are good listeners and very patient and reasonable with potential and existing clients. They’re nimble, entrepreneurial, and look for creative ways to accommodate clients.”

Michael S., Advisor

Consultative Approach

“Our clients are happy because Hedaya gives them a more personal, consultative approach. They’re creative, caring, and very understanding; they take the time with the customer to give them the attention they need. We work with a lot of startups, and Hedaya gives us the ability to offer them access to stable capital that otherwise wouldn’t happen for them, and that gives them peace of mind.”

Tim O’H., Principal, Back Office Solutions Provider

Honest Relationships

“Hedaya’s principals have an old soul – they are very family-driven, caring, and hard workers. They are smart and thoughtful, they think before they speak. They have a good reputation for integrity, and I find them to be very open and honest. They are deeply knowledgeable but also inquisitive. And that’s good because in this industry, you can’t compete solely on price, you have to compete on relationships.”

Peter P., Regional Sales Leader, Global Bank

Trusted Partner

“They have a lot of integrity - I trust Hedaya very much as people and as business owners and I feel lucky to have such a trusted partner. They are also very responsive and flexible and work to get deals done and help clients feel confident. I’m happy to send them as many deals as I can. Our relationship is more than just referrals, we talk on a personal level, and it helps when you like the people you work with.”

Mark P., Principal, Purchase Order Financing Provider

Doing What’s Best

“They’re very trustworthy, honest, and reputable; you can be transparent with them. They take care of the client and help them grow, and are not just out to make a quick buck. I know I can rely on them to do what’s best for the client and appropriate for the referral source, even if it’s not the best thing for them. It’s a very nice way of doing business, and it shows in their high client retention rates.”

Jonathan R., North American Financial Services Firm And Tim O., Principal, Back Office Solutions Provider

Pleasure To Work With

"My relationship with Hedaya Capital began in August 2005 when I started a new business. I needed a factor to improve my level of capital spending. They gave me the professional and personalized attention that I needed. It is a pleasure to work with such a dedicated and professional team."

- Importer - Ladies Accessories

Pleasant Experience

" I interviewed and rejected over a dozen firms. Hiring and dealing with [Hedaya Capital] is a most pleasant experience. All of our customers have said that unlike most factors they speak with, doing business Hedaya has been agreeable. Hedaya sustains the relationships we strive to build with our customers."

- Button & Trim Supplier


" We use Hedaya Capital for all of our monetary needs because they are responsive, reliable and they offer ideas. Even when we ask for the impossible, they get the job done without any problems. Hedaya Capital is a true partner."

- Freight & Logistics Company