Business Growth Strategies Unraveled

Business Growth Strategies Unraveled

Business Growth Strategies Unraveled

When you begin your business, it's usually just you and a handful of other people. However, from the beginning, you have plans to expand. You want to go from being a small business to a medium-sized business. You want to see your product in more stores and available in more channels. You want your services to be the best and attract more customers because of it. You want whatever it is that you are doing to grow beyond your wildest dreams.

However, this doesn't just happen overnight. In fact, it won't ever happen if you don't have a plan, or a growth strategy, to get you there. In fact, having a growth strategy is part of what sets successful businesses apart from unsuccessful businesses. Just 33% of small businesses make it to their 10th year, and having an effective growth strategy in place is foundational for success.

The Hedaya Capital Group in New York offers small business financing solutions to help your small business grow into a medium-sized business and reach your goals. From factoring to accounts receivable management, we can help you obtain the working capital you need to take your small business to the next level. Below, we'll take a look at some proven growth strategies that you can implement in your small business. Contact us today to get started!


Market Growth Expansion

If you want to sell more of your product, such as personalized mugs, you can enter a new market. If you want to sell more of your coffee, you can open a new store in a new location. With the advent of the internet, the market can be the world if you believe you have a product that people all over the world will need, such as a better toothbrush or shampoo. This market development plan can, over time, keep expanding, such as McDonald's stores.

Expand Your Product Offerings

To grow your small business, you can expand your product offerings, giving consumers more chances to spend money at your company. For instance, if you are a coffee shop, try adding in morning pastries. Or, take a new twist on your same products that are selling well by adding in new features and charging more for them. For example, you sell toothbrushes. You can make your toothbrush automatic with different settings that consumers will pay more money for because it makes their lives easier.

Increase Your Market Share

When you decide to increase your market share, you are keeping the same products and/or services, but you are essentially flooding the market with them. This market penetration strategy usually happens when you lower your prices in order to get consumers to switch from buying your competitor's product to yours. You can also find new uses for your products. For example, a toothbrush is predominantly used to clean your teeth. However, people use toothbrushes to scrub other things, such as their showers and sinks in order to remove other dirt and grime as well.


When your company decides to grow through diversification, you are taking the growth strategy of expanding your product offerings, but taking it to new markets as well. This growth strategy affords more risk than expanding in your existing market because you already have an established customer base who will see your new product and be more inclined to buy it because they have experience with your old products. When you enter new markets with new products, you are virtually a startup company again. Here is where market research can pay off big time. Apple did this with the iPod, a completely new product that attracted new customers.

Growth Through Acquisition

One of the more costly growth models, but extremely profitable when implemented correctly, is the growth through acquisition idea. Here, you want to expand into new markets and maybe with new products so you buy a company that is already established there that is most likely already offering a product that is very similar to yours.

The Hedaya Capital Group in New York notes that this growth strategy is also considered risky because too many companies buy other companies with no goal in mind. Buying companies just for the sake of it won't get you anywhere. You have to be clear on why you are purchasing X company and what it can do for you. You can buy a competitor, a supplier, or someone in your distribution chain.



The Hedaya Capital Group offers personalized cash flow solutions to help your company grow. The growth strategies above are ways that you can take your small business to the next level. Many small business owners get bogged down in the nitty gritty of the day-to-day operations and fail to plan, leading to either stagnant growth or no growth at all. This can lead to your business failing in the long run. Some businesses plan, but are unsure of how to find the capital to implement their growth strategy.

With a small business financing solution offered by The Hedaya Capital Group, you won't ever find yourself short on working capital. We offer factoring and accounts receivable management to help you gain access to the cash you need, when you need it. Our working capital solutions are tailored to fit your needs, and our dedicated team is always available to answer your questions. Our application process is quick, usually within a few days, which offers minimal delays in your plans. Unlike traditional lending, factoring uses your invoices as collateral, and you can easily increase how much money is available by using more of your invoices.

The Hedaya Capital Group in New York partners with small businesses as they grow. We work diligently to ensure your small business' needs are met swiftly and satisfactorily. Being nimble is what we are known for as we understand that time is money. We get you the working capital you need to get the deal done. Contact us today to learn more!