Common Obstacles for Small Businesses

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Common Obstacles for Small Businesses

When most small business owners begin their adventure as an entrepreneur, they aren’t quite sure of what obstacles might lie in their way. Why? Well, aside from the business venture issues discussed in entry-level college business textbooks, most business owners aren’t willing to air out their dirty laundry after failing.

As an accounts receivable factoring business that helps small business owners gain the working capital to succeed, we know a thing or two about the obstacles small- to medium-sized are likely to face. At the Hedaya Capital Group, it is our goal to help small businesses like yours succeed. Continue reading as we discuss some of the most common pain points that entrepreneurs and their businesses experience.

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Lack of Planning and Direction

Opening a business is not as easy as taking your idea, purchasing a commercial space, and opening your doors. Instead, a business plan must be well-thought-out long before any steps are made towards making the business venture a reality.

Entrepreneurs can avoid future hiccups and road bumps in their business plan by planning ahead — far ahead. Think of each unique aspect of your business idea and make plans for how the business development plan can be executed. That said, what is even more important is making a plan for what could go wrong. By creating an in-depth plan, you can rest easy knowing that you have anticipated the potential obstacles that you might encounter in the future.

Inability to Compete

So you’ve come up with a foolproof business plan. So it’s time to move forward towards making your business a reality, right? Wrong.

While you might have noticed that frozen yogurt shops in your area are taking off — making you want to establish yourself in the fro-yo space. While frozen yogurt is popular, you must first consider if there is enough profit margin in the space for your business to sustain itself and grow.

If you open a frozen yogurt shop in a location that is already dominated by other mom and pop shops — or even one large franchised corporation — it is a risky venture to automatically assume that your store could compete.

To protect your financial assets, be sure to do in-depth market research prior to making any financial commitments. In short, make sure there is a piece of the pie for you to take before you pull your seat up to the table.

Overstepping Growth

Sometimes even the most experienced business owner will overstep — assuming that the new business will reach quarterly growth goals without fail.

All too often, new business owners assume that the best way to grow and move their business forwards is to grow quickly. While quick growth is without a doubt a goal, it is important to make sure that your growth goal is sustainable.

When planning quarterly growth goals, consider taking a step back from the lofty goals that you have unless you have the financial backing a business development support from industry giants. Sadly, some entrepreneurs overstep their goals, spread their financial assets too thin, and are forced to fold before making a sizable profit.

Limited Access to Capital

One of the most common pain points experienced by new small- to medium-sized businesses is that there is limited capital to work with. Most often, an ambitious entrepreneur will invest a sizable portion of their savings in the opening of their business venture. From there, they must have more cash-positive months than not — narrowly avoiding running out of working capital.

Rather than scraping by, it is beneficial for any small- to medium-sized business to apply for accounts receivable factoring from a reputable capital group like ours, here at the Hedaya Capital Group.

Accounts receivable factoring allows smaller businesses to gain working capital quickly by selling their invoices to a separate entity. In doing so, the cash is liquid and can be used when you need it, and how you need it, to help your business accomplish its short term growth goals.

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Accomplish Sustainable Growth With Factoring

If your business is going to succeed, it is going to need working capital to do so — and at the Hedaya Capital Group, we have the tools to help. By working with our accounts receivable team or factoring team, you can gain access to money when you need it, not after your business has failed to meet it’s growth goals.

If you are interested in working with our experienced team, we urge you to contact us today to submit an application. We would love to help you and your business succeed.

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