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Hedaya Capital Financing Empowers Growth

The Hedaya Capital Group provided a $1 million factoring facility to a footwear company that created a new category in the space with a shoe that sits at the intersection of the driving loafer and the boat shoe. Based in Dallas, the lightweight, waterproof and fashion-forward shoe brand launched on Kickstarter in 2017. Almost immediately, they began to expand domestically and internationally online and opened a flagship retail store in the United States 2022.

The Company required an additional capital investment to continue to grow, and their accountant referred them to The Hedaya Capital Group. As the Company’s management team learned more about Hedaya, the CEO realized he had previously worked with the principals’ uncle. Discovering the Hedaya principals were cut from the same cloth as their uncle, a shoe industry veteran known for his honesty and integrity, the CEO felt a sense of ease and knew that he could trust their simple, easy process.

Having a patient working capital provider who supported their vision and had the scalable capital to support their growth plan provided the shoe brand the solid foundation they needed to further expand their customer base and business.