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Hedaya Capital Stitches Deal to Drive Steady Growth

The Hedaya Capital Group provided a $5 million factoring line to a home textiles vertical mill business. Headquartered in New York and operating for over 20 years, the textile company in partnership with an overseas manufacturer specializes in bedding and sells to major retailers such as Macy’s, HomeGoods and T.J. Maxx.

The Company was unhappy with its current factoring provider and felt they faced unnecessary hurdles in the factoring process. They began a search for a new capital provider and were referred to Hedaya by several industry colleagues. Having worked with other factors, the Company’s owners appreciated the ease of working with Hedaya during the due diligence process and were able to negotiate an agreement that included the terms they needed. They soon found that Hedaya delivered everything it promised – quick turnaround and funding, easy answers, and if there was any problem it was fixed quickly.

Having a responsive partner such as Hedaya gave the Company the flexible working capital it needed to continue its growth trajectory uninterrupted.