Long-term Partnership Drives Steady Grow  》

The Company

A Women’s Fashion Company, headquartered in New Jersey with showrooms in New York's fashion district, imports women’s sweaters and sells to mall specialty stores and well-known off-price retailers.

The Challenge

Traditional banks were unwilling to offer financing to the Company as a start-up in 2014. They needed working capital to purchase inventory, pay operating expenses and invest in growth opportunities. Their accountant recommended two factoring firms, one of which was The Hedaya Capital Group.

Why the Company Chose The Hedaya Capital Group

The Company trusted Hedaya’s expertise in the apparel industry and ultimately chose us because we were willing to finance a small but growing company. They wanted a long-term financing partner who could scale their size of the working capital facility as their business grew.

“Hedaya offered favorable terms and they were flexible in supporting our business beyond what we would have been able to access with traditional financing as a startup. I like the team and appreciate their knowledge of the retail world. They helped protect my receivables by providing factor credit approvals to ensure my customers were creditworthy and guarantee payment. I was not willing to take that risk on my own, even with good credit customers.” -Company President

How Hedaya Capital Helped the Company Growth

Initially, we provided a $750,000 factoring line of credit in 2014, enabling the fledgling company to focus on growth instead of worrying about cash flow issues. The facility was steadily increased through the years as the company grew, and in 2021 over $3 million in invoices were financed. We recently provided Purchase Order financing to support the Company’s extraordinary growth, enabling it to double sales in 2022 to $6 million.


As a startup, the Company did not have an established credit history with overseas factories. We quickly helped with Letters of Credit Financing to serve as a guarantee for the payment of inventory purchases. The letters of credit were invaluable in establishing and building new vendor relationships and expanding sales.

The Results

By serving as a launchpad for the startup company, our financing enabled the company to grow and expand rapidly to over $6 million in sales, and the factor credit approvals allowed the company President to sleep easy knowing that he was guaranteed to get paid.

With the comfort of having a reliable, long-term partner such as Hedaya, the company has the peace of mind knowing they will always have the cash on hand needed to invest in inventory purchases and meet payroll and operating expenses.