1. The Pros & Cons Of Commercial Loans

    Consider this: You want to open a small business in the greater New York City area. You have an awesome idea for a service or product that will be unmatched by any similar existing business in the marketplace. You have a storefront or facility in mind that would be perfect for your new business ende…Read More

  2. What Is Trade Finance? How Can It Help You?

    If you own a commercial venture that imports and exports goods to and from the country, you likely have a pretty good idea of just how easily international transactions can tie up your capital and burden your cash flow. Because the shipping and transport of goods between countries can often be delay…Read More

  3. Public Lenders Versus Private Lenders — How Are They Different?

    When someone needs working capital for their small business or seed money for their next business venture, they have to choose between using a public lender or a private lender to work with for a working capital loan. Here at the Hedaya Capital Group, we obviously have a horse in the race, being a p…Read More

  4. Financing Growth: What Business School Doesn’t Teach You

    With the ever growing and evolving start-up landscape, a very important question among business owners is always raised – “how can my company finance its growth?” Having met with dozens of young entrepreneurs, I learned that financing information available to new business owners is often incom…Read More

  5. What Do Lenders Look For — The 5 C’s Of Credit

    As a small business in the greater New York area, it can be hard to get the ball rolling. There might be countless other business like yours. You might not have the budget for marketing after you spend all of your working capital on a business front location. You might even simply need seed money so…Read More