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Managing accounts receivable is crucial for any business aiming for growth and stability. At The Hedaya Capital Group, we understand the significance of this aspect of finance. Our team of dedicated professionals specializes in optimizing accounts receivable processes to help businesses thrive.

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In the dynamic landscape of small and midsize businesses, securing the necessary working capital can often be a challenge. At The Hedaya Capital Group, we understand the importance of fueling business growth through strategic financial solutions. Here are four essential tips to help you secure the growth your business deserves.

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The Hedaya Capital Group provided a $1 million factoring facility to a footwear company that created a new category in the space with a shoe that sits at the intersection of the driving loafer and the boat shoe. Based in Dallas, the lightweight, waterproof and fashion-forward shoe brand launched on Kickstarter in 2017. Almost immediately, they began to expand domestically and internationally online and opened a flagship retail store in the United States 2022.

The Company required an additional capital investment to continue to grow, and their accountant referred them to The Hedaya Capital Group. As the Company’s management team learned more about Hedaya, the CEO realized he had previously worked with the principals’ uncle. Discovering the Hedaya principals were cut from the same cloth as their uncle, a shoe industry veteran known for his honesty and integrity, the CEO felt a sense of ease and knew that he could trust their simple, easy process.

Having a patient working capital provider who supported their vision and had the scalable capital to support their growth...

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The Hedaya Capital Group provided a $5 million factoring line to a home textiles vertical mill business. Headquartered in New York and operating for over 20 years, the textile company in partnership with an overseas manufacturer specializes in bedding and sells to major retailers such as Macy’s, HomeGoods and T.J. Maxx.

The Company was unhappy with its current factoring provider and felt they faced unnecessary hurdles in the factoring process. They began a search for a new capital provider and were referred to Hedaya by several industry colleagues. Having worked with other factors, the Company’s owners appreciated the ease of working with Hedaya during the due diligence process and were able to negotiate an agreement that included the terms they needed. They soon found that Hedaya delivered everything it promised – quick turnaround and funding, easy answers, and if there was any problem it was fixed quickly.


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Small businesses often struggle with obtaining the necessary funding to support their growth and improve their customer base. This is where trade financing comes into play. At The Hedaya Capital Group in New York, we are a financial institution that specializes in providing trade financing solutions for small businesses. Let’s dive into the details of how trade financing works and how it can benefit your business.

understanding interest rates

When it comes to understanding the impact of interest rate changes on purchase order financing, The Hedaya Capital Group in NYC is here to guide you through the process. Purchase order financing is a valuable tool for businesses looking to fulfill large orders and maintain cash flow. However, fluctuations in interest rates can significantly impact the cost of financing and ultimately affect your bottom line. Learn more below, and contact us today.

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The Hedaya Capital Group provided a $5 million factoring and purchase order financing facility to a New York City-based clothing designer and manufacturer which offers a collection of brands.

Drawing inspiration from travel around the world, the Company uses cutting-edge techniques to bring creative designs to life. They create custom men’s and women’s clothing designs for each customer, selling to discount store chains such as TJ Maxx, Ross Stores and Burlington. As the Company grew, they needed a flexible source of working capital to pay suppliers timely, so their accounting firm introduced them to Hedaya.

Hedaya understood the challenges the Company faced in the fast-changing apparel industry, as well as lingering COVID-induced supply chain issues. Hedaya’s flexibility in structuring the facilities gave the Company the immediate cash flow it needed, a better way to structure supplier payments, and the ability to develop better relationships with factories.



The Hedaya Capital Group is pleased to announce that industry veteran Louis G. Barone has joined the Company as Senior Advisor to The Hedaya Capital Group. In this role, he is responsible for leading and executing new business development strategies and growth initiatives, as well as identifying and capitalizing on new markets. He also leverages a vast network of referral relationships to acquire and develop new client relationships. In structuring financing solutions uniquely suited to each client’s business and situational needs, Barone draws on over three decades of global banking, factoring, commercial finance and risk management experience. He is based in The Hedaya Capital Group’s New York City headquarters.

“We are excited to welcome such a seasoned industry veteran to the Hedaya Capital team,“ said Alfred Hedaya, President. “He brings extensive experience, a deep referral network, and a proven track record of growing factoring, commercial lending, and banking businesses and leading high-performing business development efforts. We...

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NEW YORK, March 5, 2024—The Hedaya Capital Group, a leading provider of flexible factoring and working capital solutions, is pleased to announce that David Huber has joined the Company as Vice President, Portfolio and Operations Manager. In this role, he will manage and oversee the Company’s factoring client portfolio, manage the account executive and operations teams, and foster a collaborative and high-performance team culture. Additionally, David will source and manage new client opportunities and execute strategic initiatives for revenue growth for the Company.

“We are thrilled to add David’s experience in commercial finance and supply chain financing to our team of skilled account executives and operations personnel,” said Alfred Hedaya, President. “We were impressed with his strategic vision and dedication to excellence for himself and the teams he has led, while his 15 year industry experience and extensive referral network will play a pivotal role in supporting our growth and shaping our future success.”

Prior to joining The Hedaya...


The Hedaya Capital Group provided $1 million in factoring and inventory financing to a distributor of bedding and home goods.

Based in New York City and operating for 28 years, the Company imports from Asia and distributes bedding and home goods under inhouse brand names through national discount retail chains as well as various online shopping networks.

The Company was transitioning to the second generation of leadership as the founder transferred ownership to his son, who was looking for a new funding relationship for working capital. The Company's accountant referred them to Hedaya. The new generation appreciated Hedaya’s textile expertise as well as their 360-degree, consultative approach that helps clients protect their businesses.

With the comfort of having a reliable, nimble partner such as Hedaya, the Company has the peace of mind knowing they will always have the working capital they need to invest in future growth.


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Asset-based lending is a reliable and flexible solution for companies seeking capital to fuel their growth. Asset-based lending companies understand the significance of this financing method, and at Hedaya Capital Group, we're here to guide you through the steps to prepare your business for financing success. Keep reading and contact us today to learn more about leveraging your assets and securing the funding you need to stay strong.

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In the dynamic world of business, having access to reliable and flexible funding solutions is crucial for sustained growth. As entrepreneurs strive to expand their enterprises, they often encounter financial challenges that require innovative approaches, this is where Hedaya Capital Group steps in, offering a suite of specialized financing solutions designed to empower businesses.

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When you need business funding, you need a smart partner you can rely on who will provide flexible alternative financing solutions while also protecting your interests and helping you grow.

At The Hedaya Capital Group, we are passionate about helping small to medium size enterprises in high-growth or transition situations on their journey to success with access to stable, flexible working capital. Our products and services are ideal for companies that are looking for growth financing, facing restricted cash flows or need more flexibility than a traditional bank can offer. If your company is searching for factoring, purchase order financing, trade finance or asset-based lending, here are four reasons to work with the Hedaya Group.

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Are you a small business owner seeking financial assistance to take your business to the next level? Purchase order financing may be the solution for you! If you want to meet your financial needs, enhance growth, and improve customer strength, get in touch with The Hedaya Group. We are a financial institution dedicated to helping small businesses thrive. Contact us today to get started!

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Accounts receivable factoring financing is a great way to get access to cash quickly and efficiently. However, before a factoring company can issue a loan, they need to assess the creditworthiness of the company.

At Hedaya Capital Group, we are committed to helping New York and Tri-State area businesses access factoring financing to avoid cash shortages and run their businesses more smoothly. Are you ready to get started? Read on to learn more and reach out to our team today!

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Financing your business is an essential part of any successful start-up – and that’s where working capital financing comes in. Working capital financing can help address short-term cash flow problems and keep your operation afloat during tough times. Hedaya Capital Group offers working capital financing solutions to help small businesses in dire need.

Before you dive headfirst into financing, there are several factors that you should consider. It’s essential to conduct due diligence not just on your business but on the lender as well. Here are some things to keep in mind when applying for working capital financing:

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Are you looking for ways to increase cash flow, purchase more inventory, manage short-term debt, and keep your business running smoothly? At The Hedaya Capital Group, our goal is to help small businesses grow and succeed, and one of the ways we do that is through trade finance. We understand that managing cash flow can be a challenge for small business owners, so we provide trade financing solutions to help alleviate some of that stress. Learn more about how your business can benefit from trade financing below, then schedule a meeting today!

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At The Hedaya Capital Group, we make it easy for businesses to access the working capital they need immediately instead of having to wait 30, 60, or even 90 days for their customer invoices to be paid. We’ll act as your business’s accounts receivable department, and undertake any of your credit management and collections work. That said, you may have not even known that this financing option is available to you, and we are here to help inform you on how you can take advantage of our services to help protect and grow your business!

Contact us for more information or to get started today!

Hedaya Capital is pleased to announce a factoring facility for a Canadian oil and gas pipeline services company projecting CAD $20,000,000 in revenue for 2022.

Hedaya Capital is pleased to announce a factoring facility for a Canadian oil and gas pipeline services company projecting CAD $20,000,000 in revenue for 2022. The $2,000,000 facility allows for advances of up to 80% against accounts receivable.

The company performs testing and inspections on welded joints on the construction of new oil and gas pipelines. The client is located in Edmonton, Alberta and is an affiliate of a Texas based firm with branch offices in Katy Texas, Aberdeen U.K., and Edmonton.

The company needed working capital to upgrade and repair equipment and to support its expanding payroll. The parent company’s existing U.S. based ABL lender could not provide funding to the Canadian branch since they only lend in the U.S.

With the help of our Canada advisor Yoni Petel of McMillan LLP we were able to complete our due diligence and document the facility within a month. We are proud to have set up a facility to factor the Canadian receivables, fund the client in Canadian Dollars and collect payments from the client’s Canadian customers. With...

Hedaya Capital is pleased to announce an advance factoring facility provided to an Italian Kosher Food Company, projecting $10,000,000 in sales

Hedaya Capital is pleased to announce an advance factoring facility provided to an Italian Kosher Food Company, projecting $10,000,000 in sales.

The company manufactures and distributes certified kosher ravioli, gnocchi, pizza, desserts, ice cream, and other food products made in Italy. This client was brought in by our new business development officer Irwin “I.D.” Dayan; who comes to us with 15 years’ experience serving as the Executive Director of Exceed Network; a premier community-based business advisory and assistance organization, now at Hedaya Capital Irwin is assisting rapidly growing companies with factoring and financing solutions.

The company was founded in Milan, Italy by an emigrant from the U.S. As the company expanded, it established a U.S. entity in order facilitate distribution and financing in America. The company needed additional working capital in order to build inventory to fulfill growing customer purchase orders, as well as to fund development of new product lines.

We are proud of Irwin...

Hedaya Capital Issues $3,600,000 Letter of Credit for White Refined Cane Sugar transaction

Hedaya Capital is pleased to announce the issuance of a $3,600,000 Letter of Credit for 12,500 Metric Tons (MT) of White Refined Cane Sugar. The sugar is being produced and exported from Brazil. The transaction was arranged by an India based trading and logistics company and was brought to us by a financial consultant.

We are proud of our team’s ability to complete the due diligence, underwriting and issuance all within 10 days of initial contact by the prospect.

Since 2003, Hedaya Capital Group, Inc. has been providing entrepreneurs with working capital solutions to help grow and protect their businesses. We help businesses grow with our 360° approach, all factors surrounding our client’s business matter. We treat clients with time-tested old school values and offer new school thinking.

For more information regarding this transaction and other trade finance possibilities, please contact Alfred Hedaya at

 Irwin Dayan

The Hedaya Capital Group is pleased to announce that Irwin Dayan has joined our team as Vice President of Business Development and Marketing.

Irwin, known to many as "ID," has worked for over 30 years in the advisory and turn around sector within various industries including wholesale, retail, real estate, services and e-commerce. Irwin also founded and ran a crisis management company, advising and restructuring medium to large companies by coordinating with law firms, accounting firms, financial institutions, and consulting firms.

For the last 15 years, Irwin served as the Executive Director of the non-profit organization Angel Fund, later known as Exceed Network, advising both start-up and established business owners regarding growth and strategies for success. As an expert business advisor, he has successfully guided hundreds of companies over the years.

Irwin comes to Hedaya Capital to assist growing and troubled companies with financing solutions, strategy, and general business advice, for businesses in the consumer goods, industrial products, service,...

Park Falls Deal Announcement

Hedaya Capital is pleased to announce a Factoring Facility for a Wisconsin paper mill projected to do $45 Million in sales in 2021.

Hedaya Capital is pleased to announce a Factoring and Inventory Facility provided to a well-known Wisconsin paper mill purchased by an investor and management group. Due to the impact of Covid-19 on its business, the mill struggled to stay afloat and abruptly closed, laying off over a hundred workers. Things turned around when a new buyer emerged and Hedaya Capital was able to provide flexible financing to support the venture. The mill produces paper products used in the manufacturing of corrugated boxes and for other commercial applications.

The company needed working capital to purchase raw material and support payroll. The operation currently employs 120 people and is looking to expand as sales grow. Projected sales are $45 million for 2021, and $60 million in 2022. Traditional bank financing was not an option because the company was viewed as a start-up and needed more working capital financing than a traditional lender would offer....

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Hedaya Capital Group announces a $2,500,000 Factoring Facility for a luxury cashmere and knitwear company.

The Hedaya Capital Group, Inc. is pleased to announce a $2,500,000 Factoring Facility for a woman owned, luxury cashmere and knitwear brand. The company creates pieces that are both boho-chic and elegant, that encourage self-expression while exuding sophistication. Hedaya was approached by a turnaround consultant when the company’s turnaround was already well underway. Hedaya Capital worked diligently with the CFO and a management consultant to finalize the transaction, takeover the client, and put the company on steady footing for growth. In addition to factoring, Hedaya is issuing letters of credit to the company’s main supplier to secure and facilitate the import of inventory for sale.

Since 2003, Hedaya Capital Group, Inc. has been providing entrepreneurs with working capital solutions to help grow and protect their businesses. We help businesses grow with our 360° approach, all factors surrounding our client’s business matter. We treat clients with...

United Candle Deal Announcement

Hedaya Capital Group announces the completion of a $750,000 Factoring Facility for a Candle Company; manufacturing in the United States.

The Hedaya Capital Group, Inc. is pleased to announce a $750,000 Factoring Facility for a candle manufacturer based in the mid-west. The Company manufactures and wholesales: tealight, votive, pillar, taper, dinner, and filled candle products and distributes them to online, specialty, and retail store chains throughout the United States.

Since 2003, Hedaya Capital Group, Inc. has been providing entrepreneurs with working capital solutions to help grow and protect their businesses. We help businesses grow with our 360° approach, all factors surrounding our client’s business matter. We treat clients with time-tested old school values and offer new school thinking.

To learn more, please visit us at:

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What's the Difference Between Invoice Factoring and Invoice Financing?

Small business financing has come a long way since ancient times where you could borrow money at exorbitant rates, and if you didn't pay, you could be thrown in jail or even killed. Today, there are many ways for a small business to obtain financing for its growth needs, from commercial loans and merchant cash advances to using the best in alternative financing, such as factoring and asset-based lending.

The Hedaya Capital Group in New York offers the factor and accounts receivable management services in order to help your small business with its cash flow needs. We've been helping small businesses grow for over a decade, and we will continue to offer the best customer service in the industry. Below, we'll take a look at the difference between invoice factoring and invoice financing, which can confuse some people. Reach out to our team today with any questions you have about our small business financing!

The History of Factoring

Factoring, at its core, is helping businesses grow, sustain themselves, and continue operating when cash flow has been constricted in some way. It's a form of small business financing that has increasingly become vital to helping businesses who don't qualify for traditional commercial loans. But did you know that the idea of factoring goes back thousands of years?

The Hedaya Capital Group in New York is the best factoring company, offering invoice factoring, or accounts receivable financing. We understand how vital access to working capital is to small businesses. Our services offer a cash flow solution that can work for many industries, including those in the fashion industry, clothing industry, transportation industry, staffing industry, advertisement and print industry, and many more. Below, we'll go over the history of factoring. Contact us for factoring services today!

Tips to Move From a Small Business to a Medium-Sized Business and Beyond

While no one said starting a small business was easy, you've done it. You've opened your doors and invited everyone in. You've got a solid base of clients, and every day seems to be an adventure. Things are hopping, and you like it that way. But what's next? You've beat the odds; you're thriving. But just how do you expand from a small business to a medium-sized business?

The Hedaya Capital Group in New York offers factoring, accounts receivable and trade and import financing. Our mission is to help your small business grow and move from a small business to a medium-sized business. Like starting your small business, the next growth phase won't be a walk in the park either. Still, you are confident that your products and/or services can help others lead a higher quality life. Below, we'll offer up some tips on how you can move your small business to a medium-sized business and beyond. Contact us for all of your small business financing needs!

Business Growth Strategies Unraveled

When you begin your business, it's usually just you and a handful of other people. However, from the beginning, you have plans to expand. You want to go from being a small business to a medium-sized business. You want to see your product in more stores and available in more channels. You want your services to be the best and attract more customers because of it. You want whatever it is that you are doing to grow beyond your wildest dreams.

However, this doesn't just happen overnight. In fact, it won't ever happen if you don't have a plan, or a growth strategy, to get you there. In fact, having a growth strategy is part of what sets successful businesses apart from unsuccessful businesses. Just 33% of small businesses make it to their 10th year, and having an effective growth strategy in place is foundational for success.

The Hedaya Capital Group in New York offers small business financing solutions to help your small business grow into a medium-sized business and...

5 More Ways to Improve Your Cash Flow

As a small business owner, you have worked hard to bring your dreams to fruition. From writing your business plan, procuring funding, and finding a location to getting your products on the shelf or hiring employees to perform your service and managing the day-to-day operations, you are intricately involved with everything that goes on there. One aspect, too, that you manage is your cash flow needs.

The Hedaya Capital Group in New York specializes in helping small businesses with their cash flow needs. We offer factoring services, accounts receivable financing, and other working capital solutions. Our experience and dedication have allowed us to help hundreds of businesses grow. Below, we'll take a look at five more ways your small business can improve its cash flow. Contact us today to get started!

5 Ways to Improve Your Cash Flow

As a small business, cash is king. You need cash to pay your vendors, pay your employees, buy needed raw materials and supplies, and pay for the roof over your head. The goal is to bring in a lot more cash than you are expending in order to maximize your profits. However, sometimes, due to waiting on payments from your suppliers, a hiccup in the supply chain, or an unforeseen natural disaster or economic event strikes, you can be short on cash. This can be a big problem for a small business — one you would rather avoid.

The Hedaya Capital Group in New York offers comprehensive business financing solutions with our factoring and accounts receivable financing options, as well as our trade and import financing. We can help you gain access to the working capital you need when hiccups do occur. Below, we'll offer up five ways you can improve your small business cash flow. Contact us today to get started!

vintage business sign that says come in we're awesome

America is the best country to live in. We have our freedoms, and, for the most part, we can do what we want, when we want to do it. America is also a country that uses capitalism as its economic foundation. This means that private companies, such as your small to medium-sized business can operate how it wants, sell what it wants, and make profit off these ventures (within the law, of course). Goods and services are produced off supply and demand, which is known as a market economy. Capitalism is a wonderful system that allows businesses to profit as much as their products are in demand, and it allows consumers to have the goods and services that they want when they want it.

However, because of the fact that our economy is based on supply and demand, it can be cyclical, meaning that if demand plummets, it will be hard to sell your goods. Or, if an outside event out of your control, such as an errant virus or a war, threatens people and/or the economy, people could stop buying. This creates too much supply, and the prices of your goods fall. Facing economic slowdowns and...

Business owners reviewing financials

When most small business owners begin their adventure as an entrepreneur, they aren’t quite sure of what obstacles might lie in their way. Why? Well, aside from the business venture issues discussed in entry-level college business textbooks, most business owners aren’t willing to air out their dirty laundry after failing.

As an accounts receivable factoring business that helps small business owners gain the working capital to succeed, we know a thing or two about the obstacles small- to medium-sized are likely to face. At the Hedaya Capital Group, it is our goal to help small businesses like yours succeed. Continue reading as we discuss some of the most common pain points that entrepreneurs and their businesses experience.

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If you have heard of the Hedaya Capital Group, you likely know of us as a source of working capital to qualified businesses in the New York City and Tri-State area. For years, we have been happily helping small businesses get the extra working capital that they need when they need it. That being said, there is a lot more to running a business than looking for extra capital to fuel your growth. In fact, one of the best things that you can do for your business is to manage the money that you already have as optimally as possible.

While we are known for helping small businesses find the money that they need to grow, that is not what we will be discussing in today’s blog. Instead, we will be discussing a few money management tips that you should follow as a small business owner to ensure that you are managing the money that you do have correctly.

cash being handed from one person to another

There comes a time in every business owner’s life where they need more capital in order to successfully grow or maintain the status quo of their daily operations. Regardless of the reason that a business owner finds themselves in need of extra money, it is important to remember that there are ways to gain access to working capital without having to sell shares in the business.

One of the best ways to do so is to partner with a company that can provide you with accounts receivable factoring. As a company that helps small-to-medium size businesses in New York City and the greater Tri-State area gain access to working capital, our team recommends that businesses seeking extra working capital consider using accounts receivable factoring.

But what are the 4 situations that accounts receivable factoring is best used? Continue reading to find out.

stack of money fanned out of table

Cash flow. When you think about it, that is a rather descriptive term. It is not called cash splash or cash trickle for a reason. Instead, the word ‘flow’ suggests a constant and sustainable movement of money in and out each month — hopefully trending positively towards your pockets.

While the concept of cash flow is rather easy to grasp, some business owners in the greater New York City and Tri-State areas struggle to cultivate a healthy cash flow themselves. Because of this, we will be using today’s blog as an opportunity to discuss some of the things that you should know about cash flow as a new business owner.

Continue reading to learn more.

pile of calculator paper

If you are a business owner in the Tri-State area, or even a prospective business owner for that matter, you have probably considered how accounts receivable management could benefit your business. After all, managing accounts receivable is pretty much an entire job on its own, and you already have a business to run and plenty of other things to worry about.

At the Hedaya Capital Group, we offer comprehensive accounts receivable management services to business owners in the New York City and Tri-State area so that they can focus on what really matters — growing sustainably.

In today’s blog, we will be discussing in-depth the benefits that one might experience when letting our team of management specialists handle your accounts receivable.

boat with shipping containers

If you own a commercial venture that imports and exports goods to and from the country, you likely have a pretty good idea of just how easily international transactions can tie up your capital and burden your cash flow. Because the shipping and transport of goods between countries can often be delayed or impacted in some way by uncontrollable factors, money is often paid out before the imported good is in your possession — and that makes it really difficult for you to get your return on the investment. In an effort to help companies bring import goods without experiencing financial stagnancy, capital groups just like ours, here at the Hedaya Capital Group, offer import financing to alleviate the financial pressures experienced by international trade.

In today’s blog, we are going to discuss more about import finance and how a capital loan from our team can help your business optimize the efficiency and success of your imported goods business. Continue reading to learn more.

man pointing at paper on table

Whether you are the owner and operator of a local small business or a CFO at a larger commercial firm, factoring is something that should be on your radar. Sure, almost everyone has heard of factoring and know that it's a financing strategy that helps companies with cash flow issues because of late payments from their clients, but seldom do people actually understand how it can help.

As a capital group in the New York City area, our team, here at the Hedaya Capital Group, understands the unique benefits that a business or commercial venture can stand to gain from factoring. We also understand that someone who has never worked in finance might not be able to immediately understand those benefits. Because of this, we thought we might discuss the basics of factoring and how our factoring services might be able to best benefit your local New York City business.

Continue reading to learn more about our invoice factoring services!

approved loan letter slipped in mailbox

When someone needs working capital for their small business or seed money for their next business venture, they have to choose between using a public lender or a private lender to work with for a working capital loan.

Here at the Hedaya Capital Group, we obviously have a horse in the race, being a private lender, and all — but it is important to note that in the end, it is your unique financial situation that will determine if a contract with a public lender or a private lender, such as ourselves, is the right decision for you and your business venture.

In today’s blog post we will very briefly discuss some of the fundamental differences between public lenders and private lenders so that you, as a business owner, can make a more educated decision as to what style of borrowing that you select. Continue reading to learn more and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about whether public lending might work for you.

teacher at business school

With the ever growing and evolving start-up landscape, a very important question among business owners is always raised – “how can my company finance its growth?”

Having met with dozens of young entrepreneurs, I learned that financing information available to new business owners is often incomplete. Contrary to the beliefs of those who enjoy popular TV shows such as Shark Tank and The Profit, giving up equity in exchange for seemingly small dollars (even if Mark Cuban is attached to them) is not always the answer. While it is certainly appealing to be on national TV or to gain powerful investors, giving up a portion of the company’s profits and decision making power can ultimately be very costly, and can arguably be deemed the most expensive form of financing. It has been proven, timeand time again, that a company with a solid business plan and leadership can still succeed without divesting ownership.

When I first joined the world of commercial finance, I was surprised with how little of my schooling in business and law touched on financing for small and mid-size...

What Do Lenders Look For — The 5 C’s Of Credit

As a small business in the greater New York area, it can be hard to get the ball rolling. There might be countless other business like yours. You might not have the budget for marketing after you spend all of your working capital on a business front location. You might even simply need seed money so that you can begin the business shaping process.

When people start looking for a source of working capital for small businesses or other similar business ventures, their first search query usually sends them in the direction of a bank. But is that the best move for a new business owner? Well, that is a problem for a different day. In fact, check out our blog post titled “Business Loans — Private Lending vs. Public Lending”.

In today’s blog post we will be discussing the 5 C’s of credit — 5 things that lenders look for when you apply for a working capital loan. Continue reading to learn more.